“Merope”, “Akis” “Sifanos”, “Sifanto”, “Astrogonio” are a few of the names attributed to the island of Sifnos during its long history. It is thought that the name ‘Sifnos’ may come from Sifnos, son of the hero Sounio of Attica and the first settler of the island, or, according to another version, from the adjective ‘sifnos’ […]
In Sifnos tradition is still a part of our everyday lives, even today! Throughout the changing seasons of the year, many customs that are still kept today give Sifnos a very special character. The Sifnos ‘panigyria’ festivals with their particular rituals are held all year round. They are organised by ordinary people, the so-called “panigyrades”, […]
From antiquity and the royal doctor Diphilo the Sifnian (personal physician to the king of Thrace, Lysimachus, who wrote the work “On the presentations of the diseased and the healthy”) or the Sifnian poet and pioneering musician and composer known as Filoxenidou or Theoxenidi, who introduced the musicological term “Sifniazein” ‘(to define certain complex melodies […]
The exceptional aesthetic design of the human structures of the island, characterized by a certain organic conformity to their environment, seems to ensure that they blend harmoniously with the natural landscape. This makes Sifnos a much sought-after destination for its local culture, its architecture, and the nature of its hospitable people that have conserved and […]
The environmental and cultural wealth of the island is clearly apparent, and the reasons behind its designation by ministerial decree in 1976 as a landscape of outstanding natural beauty are unmistakable. In addition, a significant area of the island (about 20 square kilometers of rare natural beauty stretching from the mountain of Profitis Elias as […]

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