The history, architectural traditions, and the religious and social life of the island are inextricably connected to the numerous churches and monasteries. Historically, the Sifnians benefited from the privileges granted to them by the Turkish sultans in relation to the free expression of their Christian faith. Thus the Archdiocese of Sifnos was established in 1646, […]
Ancient mines The subsoil of the island consists mainly of schist, gneiss and marble, but also is also mineral-bearing, containing argentiferous lead, copper, iron and zinc deposits, a fact that has played a catalytic role in the development of the island from prehistoric times, when exploitation of metalliferous deposits served to promote overall cultural development, […]
Agios Andreas Archaeological site & museum exhibit This is the newest and most modern museum of the island (open to the public since 2010). On display are a variety of selected findings from excavations in the region, and a wealth of print and visual material pertaining to both the Acropolis of Agios Andreas and the […]

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