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The footpaths, a unique network of trails some 200 kilometres in all, were created especially to meet the needs of the agricultural way of life and the tending of livestock. They were in daily use. The oldest have a history dating back as far as the 3 millennium BC.

Nowadays, they still lead the winding way to churches, beaches, through wonderful landscapes, used by local people and visiting hikers alike. Some of them are paved with stone or marble, and others are dirt tracks.

On every trail, the hiker will encounter monasteries and churches, as well as artifacts that are monuments to the craft skills of the past, including wells, spring water fountains, dovecotes, ‘themonies’ (small farm buildings), ancient towers, remnants of mining activity, threshing floors, lime-kilns, mills, and stretches of drystone wall kilometers long.

The best times for hiking in Sifnos are spring and autumn when the weather is favourable and nature is at its best. Herbs, cedars, undergrowth and wild flowers, some of which are protected, are to be seen along every trail, and have placed Sifnos among the 13 most important botanical paradises in Greece.

In recent years, the local community has increasingly become aware of the need to save and preserve the footpaths, and there are concerted efforts to make sure they are kept clean and clear of obstacles, well-signposted and properly mapped. This effort is supported by the South Aegean Regional Authority (continuing the work begun by the Cyclades Prefecture), the Municipality of Sifnos, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage, other development and professional associations on the island, and a multitude of volunteers.

Today there are 19 officially marked trails.

Join us on a special tour over Sifnos’ rare beauty landscapes. You will have the chance to wander around the old, graphic, past & present paths of Sifnos.

Discover Sifnos through its majestic landscapes, its olive groves & its cedar forests. Come across hidden beaches, traditional architecture, Mycenaean citadels & breeders, beautiful chapels & monasteries, white settlements, important sights and mostly, the locals’ love for their own region.

During the autumnal & spring months you will enjoy the wonderful sight of a greener, colorful & fragrant Sifnos as you will be collecting vegetables, spices, herbs & wild flowers and reach into small, desert coves during the summer months.

Discover Sifnos on your own, desired way. Advise us with your preferences and we walk you through Sifnos’ remarkable sceneries.

“Carpe diem”…


Greek / English speaking guide is included in the tour.

The above rates are per tour.

Please advise us with your clients’ age and in case children will participate the tour.

Batons can also be provided upon request.

Light meal / picnic or archaeological sites’ entrance fees can be included in the tour upon request.

Tours’ duration & difficulty can be adjusted depending on hikers’ experience.

Transfers from / to your hotel can be provided at an additional cost upon request.

The best period for hiking is during the autumnal & spring months. During July – August it’s highly recommended to avoid hiking between 12:00 & 16:00.

We highly recommend to avoid hiking without an experienced guide.
If any delay in the scheduled hiking time occur by the participants, an additional charge per 30 minutes will be applied.

The participation in the hikes organized by Miles Away Travel indicates the unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation.

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