Unique Hands-On Cooking Experience!

Cook amazing, Greek dishes in a traditional Sifnian kitchen, using simple local ingredients that you can also find at home and all over the world. An experience not to be missed in a cozy, friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

The approximately 4-hour cooking session takes place in a traditional Sifnian house built in 1926 in Apollonia. During the procedure we talk about your interests, food traditions and habits, everyday life now and in the past, herbs and home-grown plants, history, pottery, architecture, cleanliness or anything else that you could discuss while cooking at home with friends.

Cook, taste and enjoy traditional Greek recipes with the help of our born and raised in Sifnos cook, who shares not only the secrets of the Sifnian cusine but also her love for traditions and local products.

These private cooking lessons refer to 2-6 participants. Actively participate to the recipe’s preparation and then enjoy the meal you’ve cooked, accompanied by wine & dessert. Natural, pure, fresh, biological local raw materials such as oil, wild herbs, thyme honey, vegetables from Sifnian gardens, and animal products from small, local folds are being used.

When the meal is ready, you can choose to stay and enjoy with your group the meal you prepared, or take it away and enjoy it with your friends and family. Before leaving you will be given notes on the recipes you prepared so that you can cook again everything in your own kitchen!

If you are a vegetarian, or have any food allergies or disorders, please don’t forget to mention it while booking.

There are 2 classes that you can attend:

Morning private cooking class, starting at 11:00 or Afternoon private cooking class, starting at 17:00

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