The tour includes a tasting of seven different excellent wines, some of the finest Greek varieties paired with local cheeses and snacks. The tasting takes place at a seaside restaurant in Vathy area and it includes seven different labels of single origin wine, a whole glass of your favourite one...
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An island tour is a great way to kick-start your holiday in Sifnos. We encompass the whole Island in one fun filled day. We have lots of stops on this tour, there are so many places and sights that you have to admire and explore such as the monastery of Panafia Chrysopigi, the villages of […]
The footpaths, a unique network of trails some 200 kilometres in all, were created especially to meet the needs of the agricultural way of life and the tending of livestock. They were in daily use. The oldest have a history dating back as far as the 3 millennium BC. Nowadays, they still lead the winding […]
One of the most ancient crafts practised in Sifnos from the early Cycladic period all the way to the present day is pottery making. The development of pottery Sifnos is mainly due to the abundance of refractory clay (a product of the breaking down of schist rock), mixed with the availability of rainwater, suitable fuel, […]
The island, birthplace of Nicholas Tselementes and a number of other master chefs, has a rich variety of gastronomic traditions. At Christmas the delicious smells of baking drift from the houses. The most popular in Sifnos at this time of year are ‘foinikia’ (elsewhere in Greece known as ‘melomakarona’ - honey syrup cookies) and ‘avgokalamara’ (elsewhere known as ‘diples’ - deep fried strips of dough rolled and dipped in honey syrup).

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