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We will pick you up from your hotel and immediately begin our tour in Sifnos, with the first stop at the cape of Chrysopigi, the rock with the monastery of Panagia on top, which has been declared the patron saint of the island since 1964 AD, is one of the most beautiful and famous places of the island.
Cruise to the island of Polyaigos (Max. 4 beaufort) Departure time: 10:30 from Marina of Platys Gialos 75 minutes of smooth sailing brings us to the coast of the enchanting Polyaigos, an uninhabited and unspoiled island. We will make two/three stops by anchoring the boat, alternating between white beaches and hidden bays with turquoise waters. You will have time for a leisurely swim and enjoy the beautiful landscape that only Polyaigos can offer.
The most hidden corners of the island are now at your disposal! Explore the crystal waters of Sifnos and get enchanted by the hidden beaches and coves around the island. Take a swim at the secluded beaches, which cannot be accessed otherwise and why not, discover your own private beach. Description There are new vessels […]
Activate and enhance all your senses with a 3-hour mini cruise at the South bay of Sifnos with a speedboat. Combine the sea, sun, swimming & nature with a variety of Cycladic goods that will lead you to an unforgettable experience.
Indulge in an exciting combination of Biking… Nature… Traditions… and explore Sifnos! We suggest you select guided routes to explore the hidden beauties of the island, enjoying, on two wheels, sport, nature and tradition, based on the based on the rider's physical integrity. Enjoy the freedom that a cycling adventure offers and live every moment to the fullest.
If you are looking for αdventure, isolation, sun & sea, then we have the best suggestion for you. Just 15 minutes away, by boat, from Platys Gialos, you will visit the southernmost bay of Sifnos. The majestic, remote, 150 meters long αnd ideal for swimming & fishing Fykiada beach will reward you with its golden sand and its deep blue sea.
The footpaths, a unique network of trails some 200 kilometres in all, were created especially to meet the needs of the agricultural way of life and the tending of livestock. They were in daily use. The oldest have a history dating back as far as the 3 millennium BC. Nowadays, they still lead the winding […]
One of the most ancient crafts practised in Sifnos from the early Cycladic period all the way to the present day is pottery making.The development of pottery Sifnos is mainly due to the abundance of refractory clay (a product of the breaking down of schist rock), mixed with the availability of rainwater, suitable fuel, and a mild climate, as well as to the exceptional dexterity and skills of the Sifnian potters in the art of processing the clay, which has been passed from generation to generation through the centuries.
Cook amazing, Greek dishes in a traditional Sifnian kitchen, using simple local ingredients that you can also find at home and all over the world. An experience not to be missed in a cozy, friendly and relaxed atmosphere!
Have you ever tasted a sweet "submarine"? How many sweets do you know with anise flavor? Did you know that a pie can help you find something you have lost? Do you still believe that ouzo and retsina represent Greece?
The island, birthplace of Nicholas Tselementes and a number of other master chefs, has a rich variety of gastronomic traditions. At Christmas the delicious smells of baking drift from the houses. The most popular in Sifnos at this time of year are ‘foinikia’ (elsewhere in Greece known as ‘melomakarona’ - honey syrup cookies) and ‘avgokalamara’ (elsewhere known as ‘diples’ - deep fried strips of dough rolled and dipped in honey syrup).
One of the most striking traditional customs of the island are the festivals and their rituals. Festivals in Sifnos are usually held in the afternoon the day before the name day. But there are also festivals that take place on the same day, early in the morning.
Yoga has multiple benefits for human health at all levels (physical, mental, spiritual). Recommended by doctors for orthosomia, rehabilitation of injuries and relief from spine and joints pain, by psychologists to beat stress and the depression, and even by teachers for children to increase the concentration and discipline. It is a great exercise for everyone […]
Sifnos due to its geographical position, it is indicated for day trips to nearby islands like Serifos and Milos. These two beautiful islands are among the most popular destinations in Greece. The island hopping includes your ferry tickets to and from the destination of your choice and private transfers from / to the port of Sifnos. There are daily scheduled routes from Sifnos to Serifos (25 minutes) or Milos (55 minutes) by speedboats.
Play, Gymnastics and Fun at sea! For those who want to enjoy the endless blue in a different... way! Find the right bunch of friends, take along your children or your companion and stroll the bay of Platy Yialos with a pedal boat or a pedal boat with a slider for taking hilarious long dives!
Prize-giving ceremony for the best New Year’s carols: An annual event organised by the Municipality of Sifnos and held during the first two weeks of February, to present awards for the best Sifnian ‘kalanta’ (carols). The Greek custom of ‘kalanta’ (carol singing) in Sifnos originates in Constantinople, and has two peculiarities: on the one hand, […]
Get in touch with nature and one of the most beautiful animals to ever exist. A special hobby that those who enjoyed it loved it; horse riding opens its world to more and more aspiring horsemen. Enjoy the unique experience of horse riding and the sophisticated beauties of Sifnos through the trails, accompanied by a […]
We will meet at Kastro, a beautiful village that restored and maintined by the locals for nearly 800 years. Together, we spend 2 hours exploring all the best and secret places of the village, where we will be photographed and have fun.

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