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Our agency and how we met Sifnos!

In 2004, we visited Sifnos for holidays, a serene Cycladic Island, which was famous for its architecture, natural beauty, cleanliness and positive energy. They told us that we would be amazed, but…not that we would fall in love with it forever!

Our beloved destination, both in our personal and professional career, has evolved and Miles Away Travel has now taken its place in Platys Gialos and has become our hangout during the summer months where we share our passion for the island, our experiences and our services with the visitors.

The motto “Sifnos Transfers & Tours” on our mini and midi Busses was celebrated in 2017, as it was the first time the island had organized transport and tour services.

When we are asked “why go to Sifnos for holidays”, we are happy to answer:
“Because it combines everything!”

Indeed it does, and for those who have yet to visit Sifnos, there are more than enough reasons to convince them:

  • It is relatively close to Athens
  • It has both organized and virgin beaches
  • Chora (Apollonia – capital of the island)
  • The sacred rock of Chrysopigi
  • The Acropolis and the Museum of Ag. Andreas
  • The seductive Castle
  • Ancient Antiquities, scattered all across the island
  • Monasteries, churches and traditional festivals
  • The settlements and the traditional Cycladic architecture
  • The delicious Sifnian cuisine and the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival “Nikolaos Tselementes”
  • Traditional handmade ceramics
  • Marked network of paths (trails)
  • Quiet vacations
  • Daily escapes to the nearby Aegean islands
  • Daily cruises
  • Accommodation right on the sand
  • Activities for all ages (Hiking, Pottery, Diving, Horse Riding, Cooking, Fishing)
  • Good road network, small distances
  • Nightlife
  • Cultural events, concerts etc.

We are looking forward to showing you what Sifnos truly is through our own eyes!

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