Things to buy

Those who want to take a little of the flavour of the island away with them can choose among the following:


  • the finest quality thyme honey
  • cheese (‘xynomyzithra’, a white soft cheese, ‘chloromanoura’ (or ‘white manoura’, a fresh hard white cheese), manoura gylomeno (or ‘black manoura’, hard white cheese matured in must and herbs)
  • capers (fresh/dried/caper leaves)
  • sweets & pastries (honey pies, Sifnos biscuits, boiled almond sweets, baked almond sweets, marzipan dusted with powdered sugar, ‘pastelli’ honey and sesame bars, aniseed biscuits, ‘borekia’ phyllo pastry rolls, ‘halvadopita’ nougat in rice paper, loukoumia, vanilla ‘submarine’ fondant (dipped in ice-cold water and then eaten)
  • local wine, from local small-scale producers
  • herbs (oregano, sage, penny-royal, marjoram etc).
  • Sifnos pottery (items for everyday use or decoration)
  • hand-woven blankets and rugs, made on traditional looms
  • handmade jewellery
  • books by writers from Sifnos, or books written about and inspired by the island of Sifnos itself There are also a number of interesting publications produced by the Sifnos Cultural Association, the Municipality of Sifnos, and some of the other organisations on the island.


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